Data61 by CSIRO has started with Penten on a significant study project

Data61 by CSIRO has started with Penten on a significant study project

In a bid to broaden Australia’s sovereign benefit of self-employed and active defense, the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Center (CSCRC) launched a research project between CSIRO’s Data60, Australia’s Data and Data Details Data Specialist Arm and Penten.

Penten will be given access to the AI study knowledge of Data61 in this project. The study aimed to extend the job of Penten on the use of AI to turn the tables on cyber-attackers using deceptive technologies such as’ cyber traps’ and’ decoys.’

This cooperation brings with the National Science Agency one of the most creative Australia businesses to work together to resolve difficult issues in our sector. The CSCRC focuses continuously on studies conducted in the sector, bringing together the finest scientists and engineers to generate business possibilities for tomorrow.

For Australia’s economy and prosperity, strong cybersecurity is critical. The CSCRC’s main focus is to enable industry-driven cybersecurity results in cooperation with academia, industry, and government. They want their research and work to have an impact both now and in the future for Australia. We look forward to the possibilities offered by this cooperation.

Also, the firm investigates how to combat cyber-attackers by interspersing decoy and information between actual assets.

It is best to use Cyber Traps if the content is realistic, attractive and does not disturb legitimate consumers. It takes a long time for cyber defenders to make these cyber traps by hand and to optimize for these demands.

Wilson said their solutions use artificial intelligence to understand activity patterns and content from computers and information in the environment. The data is then used to produce realistic and trustworthy images. They can, therefore, produce appropriate content highly effectively and with minimal effort from the defender, custom-made to a client setting.

Penten has created AI instruments that produce and update decoy and trap files, radio, Wi-Fi and active network hosting.

Senior research scientist Dr. Surya Nepal at CSIRO Data61 and head of the safety and orchestration team at CSC RC said the partnership could assist Australia to develop new technologies at a worldwide level.