A pact signed by French toymakers for breaking the stereotypes

A pact signed by French toymakers for breaking the stereotypes

A pact has been signed by the French toymakers for getting rid of games, as well as, toys of the gender stereotypes which has been blamed by the government blame for keeping women out of science and mathematics careers.

There was a signing of the charter for ‘balanced representation in toys’ by the association of toy manufacturers, the French Federation of Toy and Childcare Industries, as well as, the government.

To explain the initiative, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, the junior economy minister stated that there are many toys which project an ‘insidious’ message which discouraged girls from choosing a career like a computer coding or engineering; the fields are perceived as more suitable for boys.

She told the broadcaster RTL that there are generally toys for girls which are of pink color and have their focus on the domestic life (e.g. kitchen set), while on the other hand, the toys for boys are commonly themed around science, construction, technology or space travel. The message that is being portrayed by this as that gender-specific is instilled in the home from a young age, which results in a very limited number of girls joining fields related to science and technology.

When you decide to get a toy for your nephew or niece, the very first question which pops up is that is it for a boy or a girl rather than do they like playing outside? Are they interested in construction games? Do they have a liking of taking care of a baby?

Due to this, many girls, in spite of tending to outperform boys at physics and mathematics in the school, being underrepresented in the sectors later on in life.

At present, there is only 10 percent of women population which are coders, which implies that the rest 90 percent of coders are men who design the algorithms of tomorrow, she told.