Greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by Artificial intelligence

Greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by Artificial intelligence

There could be a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by employing artificial intelligence for better managing the environment. Other than this, the global gross domestic product can also be boosted by up to US 5 trillion dollars which is equivalent to S 6.9 trillion dollars and there could be a creation of 38 million jobs by the end of 2029, as per the research conducted by the PwC United Kingdom.

The study was published with the title ‘How Artificial Intelligence can enable a Sustainable Future’. The study was commissioned by Microsoft and it takes into account the impact of the adoption of artificial intelligence in the sector of the economy and on emissions in the water, agriculture, energy, as well as, transport sectors.

There can be an integration of artificial intelligence with various other sectors for effectively managing the environment, the research told. Artificial intelligence-infused clean distributed energy grids, sustainable supply chains, precision agriculture, monitoring of the environment, enforcement, as well as, improved disaster and weather prediction and response are amongst the examples.

According to the estimations of the research, using environmental uses of Artificial Intelligence in the four primary sectors could result in contributing up to US 5.2 trillion dollars to the global economy by the end of 2029, which is an increase of 4.4 percent relative to business as usual.

Other than that, the application of Artificial Intelligence levers could bring a reduction in worldwide greenhouse gas emissions by 4 percent in the next decade, an amount which is equivalent to 2.4 Gt Carbon dioxide equal to the combined 2030 annual emissions of Canada, Australia, and Japan.

Artificial Intelligence could help in the creation of nearly 38 million net new jobs across the world by the next decade, providing more skilled occupations based on technology as part of this transition.