The Geun-Hye’s Shadow and GSOMIA

The Geun-Hye's Shadow and GSOMIA

The topmost allies in Asia of the United States that are believed to be two countries that are Japan and also South Korea and have been the allies for months are seen to be embroiled in a spat of politics and are also quite bitter in nature over a decision passed by the Supreme Court of South Korea that has stirred controversy all around. The controversial decision basically declares that the corporation of Japan has been given the order to compensate the victims that are forced-labor in the country of Korea from the event of the Second World War. Despite of all the situation that is going on the country of South Korea has recently showed a move in order to scrap the GSOMIA that is the Military Information Agreement concerned with the General Security, a pact that is about sharing the military intelligence with the country of Japan, this for sure was a complete surprise even for the United States, also the damage that is made collaterally to the alliance of architecture in the continent of Asia that is of the United States. the secretary of defense of The United States called Mark Esper said in very straightforward terms in an event of a very rarely happened rebuke of Seoul happened publically that ‘’Very disappointed”. He also added to his speech that ‘‘we were not given forewarning”.

In all of this situation despite of all the events being happened the President of the South Korea who is known for his liberalism named as Moon Jae has recently made a decision that says the repealing of GSOMIA is not that much astonishing when talked about in the context of his agenda of the politics that was formed domestically and also a dramatic rivalry that is based on personal conflicts in between the leaders with conservative mindsets.