Integration of VNF and 5G cloud network

Integration of VNF and 5G cloud network

The integration of VNF (Virtual Network Functions) brought the companies, Samsung Networks and Amdocs, together and it initiated the partnership between them so they upgraded their network to 5G for the support of their business deals and their future.

The head of Product and Solutions at ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform), Yogen Patel, expressed his views about this partnership. He said that both the companies, Amdocs and Samsung Networks partnered so that they could start integration of VNF for the purpose of making it advantageous and easy for the service providers. They can work well with the 5G network and have a greater customer base.

This would not only benefit the customers but also their own business. Not only in the present but the future will also hold great deals for them. 5G cloud network could prove very beneficial and the partnership is helping them in this task.

The facility of having 5G cloud network will be of great help to the service providers as they would be under consideration and will still be able to manage the system efficiently. Incredibly fast speed is another advantage along with the relatively greater scale.

New and innovative services are destined to be provided to the clients as Samsung has also collaborated with an Indian company, Greenfield operator. Software upgrades are another thing promised and delivered to the customers.

ETT was given the statement by the Korean company that a well defined 5G network is promised to the customers as both the companies have agreed to collaborate with each other to work for the betterment. They helped the operators perform their job well.

They added that it has proven to be profitable commercially. Usage of 5G network has been implied all over the country in every kind of technological device.

It was said that the factor of security must be taken into consideration by both of the companies because it is an open network.