India looking forward to investing in Blockchain, KBA launches an Innovation Club and more!

India looking forward to investing in Blockchain, KBA launches an Innovation Club and more!

Blockchain in India:

Tech Mahindra, India’s IT giant, has announced that it’s now investing in blockchain in collaboration with Adjoint, a US-based fintech company. It claims to provide a more user-friendly and reliable customer experience.

This collaboration will enable customers to save up to $4 million for every $1 billion made through banking relationships and financial risk management.

The user-friendly mechanism allows its users to easily access, maintain, execute and secure workflows. This will also help clients gain more profits, be efficient and protect personal, sensitive information in a GDPR fashion.

Innovation Club by KBA:

Kerala Blockchain Academy has partnered with the University of Nicosia (UNIC) for the launch of the Kerala Blockchain Academy Innovation Club (KBAIC).

This innovation club focuses on helping students from different colleges and universities to deeply delve into the technology of blockchain. It also allows them to work closely with experts.

Reports say that KBA has trained candidates near almost a thousand in different branches of blockchain technology since its kick-off in 2017.

Times group invests $6.5 million in Singapore-Based Indorse:

A strategic investment firm in India, Brand Capital, has agreed to invest up to $6.5 million in the skills verification platform, Indorse, based in Singapore.

The Coinsilium Group, a UK-based blockchain investor, holds a 10% stake in equity at Indorse. Rolls Royce gets its delivering assessment services in Singapore from Indorse. A ‘Hackathon’ is also being organized by Rolls Royce for blockchain solutions. Indorse also achieved another similar milestone in June 2019 for Asia’s largest ride-hailing service, Grab. (Grab had acquired Uber last year in South East Asia)

The Times Group has helped many other companies participate in these events happening in Bangalore and Mumbai using connections and media.