Construction of a manufacturing plant in North Alabama

Construction of a manufacturing plant in North Alabama

The Japanese Company, DaikyoNishikawa US, has planned to design a plant in North Alabama. They held an event to announce the commencement of the construction of the $110 million manufacturing plant in which Kay Ivey, the Gov. and the local leaders made an appearance.

A no. of 380 people will be sufficient for the production of the automotive parts of the MTMUS (Mazda Toyota Manufacturing U.S.A.). They are to be employed at the time of full production by DNUS facility.

The construction crews are advised to commence their work on the plant on the MTMUS campus where the groundbreaking ceremony was also held.

According to Ivey, he felt honoured and expected that they would have a long-lasting partnership and will continue to work together.

The global auto industry is having advancement and it proves to be the next essential hub for the production. And it is considered to be an honourable moment for the Huntsville.

DNUS has made progress and it was the first supplier to announce the presence of a facility that will have the ability to produce almost 300,000 vehicles per year. This was announced in May.

The president of DaikyoNishikawa Corporation, Nariaki Uchida, said that DNUS felt pride in serving Mazda Toyota as, in North America, it was their first and initial facility.

Being a good cooperative neighbour and a highly ranked automotive supplier is what the company aims for, with the contribution of the community partners.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with the customer is an essential thing for progress and success. By the establishment of the facility in North America, the company’s aims are to expand and widen their business opportunities.

Almost 2,500 construction workers are involved in the on-going construction of the MTMUS facility.

An increase in the no. of employed people can be made by the investment of $1.6 billion to open the plant and employ 4,000 people for the construction process.