Supra Engineer indecisive about prioritizing Manual Gearbox or More Power

Supra Engineer indecisive about prioritizing Manual Gearbox or More Power

Is there any possibility of having both?

A lot of you would be already aware of the situation after reading plenty of content about the Toyota Supra. From how much any specific variant would cost to how much power is actually made by it, the Supra has given an indication of the return of the halo car from Toyota series, and more amazingly, already there has been setting of the precedent for the direction of performance cars from the manufacturer of Japanl they will be coming.

After contacting the chief engineer of Supra, some more interesting things were found out by Autoindustriya, an automotive website, about the future of the Toyota Supra. After a couple of automotive media was invited by Toyota to a regional drive of the GR version of the Supra at Japan’s Sportsland Sugo, Tetsuya Tada questioned the reason why doesn’t the Supra come up with an increasingly powerful BMW S58 engine and when should the customers expect a Supra with a manual gearbox.

For those who are unaware about the S58 engine, it is the spiritual successor of the famous S55. The engine is ideal for BMW M cars for the better part of the future. Tada quickly replied by saying that which one would you be your priority when given a choice.

Seemingly, Tada goes on by stating that the Supra at its existing state is the initial offering and there will be upgradation of the sports car every year. With the improvements, there is a wide variety of options for the new things which can be introduced, and the only thing to ponder is their sequence of introduction.

So, what would it be? A sweet manual transmission or an increasingly powerful engine. From my point of view, we cannot have both.