2019 Japan Festival CANADA: Sponsored by DENSO to Honor Japanese Heritage and Longtime Canadian Presence

2019 Japan Festival CANADA

DENSO Sales Canada is a Gold Corporate Sponsor of the annual festival, the 2019 Japan Festival Canada. It is an automotive sales as well as an aftermarket distributor unit in DENSO. Being the largest Japanese cultural event in entire North America, this festival promotes Japan’s technology, food, fashion, traditional culture, and contemporary culture. Japan and Canada have had diplomatic relations for over 90 years and this year, from August 24-25, 2019, it would be celebrated in Mississauga, Ontario.

In 1949 in Kariya, Japan, DENSO was founded. However, the company has a rich and long history in Canada. This history began 50 years ago when, to focus on aftermarket sales, DENSO Sales Canada was established by DENSO, in Mississauga. Since then, Kariya and Mississauga are sister cities for decades. As soon as DENSO Sales Canada was created, a thermal manufacturing facility was built by DENSO, in Guelph, Ontario, which just celebrated 20 years of providing quality jobs and advancing mobility to the local community.

Today, a vital facet of DENSO’s distribution and customer service operations is DENSO Sales Canada, and Guelph facility employs more than six hundred employees who support the production of key products like radiators, condensers, cooling molecules, HVAC units, and engine fans. DENSO opened the Montréal Innovation Lab too earlier this year for the acceleration of  R&D in advanced areas within the automotive industry, such as artificial intelligence.

Senior Executive Officer for DENSO Corporation, Kenichiro Ito, who is also CEO of DENSO’s North American headquarters said that for a very long time, DENSO had a deep commitment and very strong presence to Canada and the local communities there. He continued that as a global mobility supplier with Japanese Roots, they were proud to have supported an event that celebrates the close business and cultural ties between Canada and Japan.