Rare road-rage manhunt in Japan prompts a national debate on reckless driving

Rare road-rage manhunt in Japan prompts a national debate on reckless driving

A nationwide manhunt has finally ended on Sunday when a motorist that was wanted for road rage as well as assaulting a driver was caught in Osaka.

Fumio Miyazaki, is suspected of getting in front of the car of the victim, forcing it to a halt, and then punching the man in his head through the open window.

The incident happened on the Joban Expressway in the Ibaraki Prefecture on 10th August. Video from a dashboard camera that recorded the assault has been showing on the television since the incident.

Separately, eyewitnesses have reported 2 other incidents that involve Miyazaki: one that is on a national road in Shizuoka and another on that is on an expressway in Okazaki in Aichi Prefecture, both of them having taken place on July 23. Miyazaki was reportedly driving a rented vehicle which another individual returned in a damaged condition to the hire company almost twenty days later.

According to the body, the National Public Safety Commission said on Thursday that it had “tightened” their approach towards the dangerous driving since the month of January in 2018. It handled almost thirteen thousand incidents in that year which depicts an increase of over 80 percent than the previous year.

From the time period between January to June in this year, almost 6,800 cases have been recorded, and forty-two people have been stripped of their driving licenses.

The advice of the body to the motorists is the installation of a dashboard camera.