HDBank Won the Award of Best Domestic Retail Bank of VN by Asian Banking and Finance

HDBank Won the Award of Best Domestic Retail Bank of VN by Asian Banking and Finance

HDBank has won an award for ‘Domestic Retail Bank of the Year for Vietnam’ at the event of Asian Banking and Finance Retail Banking Awards that took place in Singapore last week.

These awards are given on an annual basis by the Asian Banking and Finance which is a prestigious finance magazine that also honors banks which stand out with their groundbreaking products as well as services.

The award of Domestic Retail Bank of the Year for Việt Nam was given to HDBank because of its outstanding business results in the last year as well as the first quarter of the current year in all fields like network, operating scale, contributions to the market, services and solutions that are offered to individual customers, evaluation by customers and also utility products and services, having its focus on the retail segment.

The retail of the bank, its consumption and the small and medium-sized enterprises i.e. SME strategy targets the leadership of their market along with its unique advantage of owning special eco-systems such as the aviation, consumer finance as well as supermarkets and remarkable M&A capabilities.

In its segment of individual loan, HDBank had already achieved a double-digit growth by the end of the 1st quarter of the year 2019 having products like agricultural loans, car loans, business loans, and consumer loans against the collateral. For the very first time in this market, customers are able to get loans for buying the Vietjet Air tickets from the HD SAISON.

The deposit products of HDBank are attractive to the customers due to their flexibility and diversity, integrating savings as well as insurance and also their vast range of terms.