Waterdrop Crowdfunding- the best Chinese Internet Healthcare Providers, Got Funds Worth 20-billion-yuan in less than three years

Even before the completion of three years of its founding, Waterdrop Crowdfunding has thrown its rivals very far behind with respect to business growth as well as market share and has become the “Double King” of the internet health protection path of China.

In the last three years, Waterdrop Crowdfunding has stuck on to the mass line and assisted domestic patients that were suffering from severe and acute diseases for efficiently raising over twenty billion yuan of medical funds by using the Internet free of cost. The amount of donations has now exceeded five hundred million yuan and their monthly growth rate is maintained at more than 1.5 billion yuan.

Currently, the business scope of Waterdrop Crowdfunding has covered over thirty thousand villages and towns in almost thirty provinces, more than four hundred cities and over a thousand counties in China.

At the start of 2018, Waterdrop Crowdfunding had surpassed its previous rival Qingsongchou in the market share and hence became the number one in the industry. What was even more flourishing was the growth rate of their business. Although Waterdrop Crowdfunding was set up 2 years after its rival, their trend is pretty obvious. It dares to earnestly study, innovate and further pursue perfection. Therefore, in this fast-moving era, it is now beyond the reach of its rivals.

It is of no use to compare only the size of the company. With Waterdrop Crowdfunding’s potential for future growth and its sustained momentum, it has firmly won the market.