Smuggled luxury cars likely to be found in North Korea

Smuggled luxury cars likely to be found in North Korea

North Korea is likely becoming the hub of smuggled luxury cars through Osaka in a possible violation of a United Nation resolution, a United States’ think tank said Tuesday.

The vehicles are believed to be the Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard, which is priced at over $500,000 per unit, according to a report by the Center for Advanced Defense Studies.

The report also stated that a total number of 803 automobiles inclusive of 256 Japanese vehicles like Toyota Motor Corp.’s Lexus models, were exported to North Korea between the years 2015 and 2017.

In June last year, Cargo tracking info indicates that the two containers were each loaded with the Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard model left a port in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the report stated.

After arriving in China, the two vehicles were transported to Osaka via a ship, to Busan in South Korea & then to Nakhodka in Far East Russia.

It is believed that the vehicles have been transported to North Korea via air after their arrival in Russia in October that year.

A website which provided information about North Korea uploaded a photo of a car of the same model running in Pyongyang in January this year.

The two vehicles arrived at Osaka on 18th of September & left the city 9 days later.

AS per the records, the consignee in Japan is anonymous, but the firm who shipped the vehicles from Japan to South Korea is Mino Logistics Japan Co., which is based in Osaka.

Mino Logistics Co is the consignee in South Korea. However, the relationship between the two companies with similar names is vague, the report said.

Both the shipper in Busan & consignee in Dalian are Japanese-registered trading company Zuisyo Co.

The recorded address of it appears to be an apartment in Amagasaki, near Osaka, which is similar to the residential addresses of corporate officers at Mino Logistics Japan, according to the report.