Singapore-based Swiss expatriate inspired by moto-taxis of West-Africa initiated transport business

transport business

When Raphael Dana who is a Singapore-based Swiss expatriate visited West Africa on a business trip in 2017, he observed that there were a lot of motorcycle-taxis, and was motivated to take South-east ride-hailing model of Asia over there.

Mister Dana, who is 45 years old, told in an interview that there were moto-taxis everywhere & they’re already there, but it has not been seen by anybody as a business. We thought to employ the Grab and Gojek model.

He was visiting the small West African nations of Togo and Benin where the official language is French. As a fluent speaker of French, his interest in a business venture there was only increased.

Mister Dana then founded the Gozem. Just 8 months after there was service availability in the 2 countries, there are already over 100k accounts being created & 140k downloads of the mobile app on the Playstore.  He told that Gozem has appealed 600 drivers.

Now the sights of Gozem are set on other parts of the continent like Gabon & Cameroon.

When questioned about the model, Misterr Dana said that Africa looks like Vietnam a decade ago, which was the reason why he wanted to learn the South-east Asian model & take it over to Africa.

He was settled in Singapore for the last 7 years, and has initiated a consulting firm here.

He wanted Gozem which has its office in Singapore, to act as a reliable and safer mode of transport for passengers in the African nations.

In the past people used to walk to the main street to get a cab and then negotiate for any deal. This is an in-efficient model & people wouldn’t know how safe the ride is, because they would not know how or if their driver is safe or not, Dana told.